No one actually needs a coach and, at the same time, everyone can benefit from one.

We all know how to manage our lives, at least to produce our current results. However, as a coach, I can support you to create a lightness of being. Together we can work on any topic of your choice, be it professional or personal. I help you clarify what matters most to you and to find out what you want the most in life. I believe that deep inside each of us, we know how to live more meaningfully. Sometimes we just need the space and some guidance to allow the answers to surface.

I don’t have any standard coaching programs or fixed solutions. I meet my clients where they are and together we discover what is needed for them. I address each person uniquely with the awareness that everyone has different needs.

Examples of topics you can deal with through coaching

  • Look at your love relationship to see if you want to finish it or see what you can do to improve the relationship and maintain it.
  • Explore what makes you unhappy at work and decide if you want to stay or change.
  • Learn to feel more confident, to raise your self-worth, and to say no.
  • Be able to break depleting habits like people pleasing, poor boundaries, being self-critical.
  • Explore what your personal style of leadership is and how you can manage a team.
  • Discover what you really want to do in life and start creating it.
  • Develop a healthier and more balanced way of being a mother, different from the one your mother taught you.
  • Learn to develop your intuition, stop fighting for everything and allow yourself to be supported and helped by others.
  • Explore why you cannot attract the ideal partner and what you can do to change that pattern.
  • Make any type of important decision such as changing jobs, starting or ending a relationship, moving to a new city, etc.

How does the process work?

  • I offer a free initial coaching session so you can experience how I work and see if it is a good fit for you.
  • If you wish to continue, I offer packages of at least six coaching
  • Each session is one hour long and they either take place in person in Berlin or via phone or
  • We would work with the goals you set for the duration of the six coaching sessions and you can also decide which goals you want to work with during each session.
  • Between each coaching session, you will be asked to complete certain tasks that you have chosen for
  • I offer coaching in Spanish (my mother tongue), English, German, and French.

Book a free coaching session here:

What my clients say about me

  • Coaching with Sonia has helped me realise that all the difficult relationships and situations in my life had something in common: me….

    A. Menzies
    A. Menzies
  • I see now how through my behaviour I created the working relationship that I didn’t want to have. 

    D. Petkeviciute
    D. Petkeviciute
  • I was able to see where in my life I am being a victim and not taking responsibility for what really matters to me. Now I don’t have more excuses... I decided to move into action. 

    M. Romig
    M. Romig
  • Sonia’s clarity and confidence has helped me a lot to find back my direction professionally. My coaching sessions with her were all intense, deep and also joyful. 

    M. Pita
    M. Pita
  • I am very moved by how connected I feel with you, as you listen, share and ask questions. This is not what I was expecting from a ‘coaching session’, but in fact it is far beyond my expectations. 

    P. Brandellero
    P. Brandellero
  • I have gotten useful insights on how to do things differently. This has had a very positive impact on me and on my team. 

    S.von Wiren
    S.von Wiren
  • The coaching sessions with Sonia helped me to clarify what I truly want in my life and to build up a base of trust which allowed me to create and achieve my goals. 

    P. Antilla
    P. Antilla
  • I was specially touched by her passion to her work and her ability to "see" through me. Highly recommended! 

    I. Pach
    I. Pach
  • You have offered a space in which I felt comfortable to show myself as I actually feel. That allowed me to gain the clarity I needed. I am deeply touched and grateful for this experience. 

    R. Boroumand
    R. Boroumand
  • I especially appreciate the care and sense of safety that is transmitted through you. 

    Y. Villar
    Y. Villar Coaching Sessio

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