Opening a New Door: Becoming an Entrepreneur 

For women who could consider becoming an entrepreneur and don’t know how

As a woman, running your own business, in your own terms, is one of the best ways to fulfill your needs…

here you can learn how.

The course starts on the 25th of March.

This 4-week-long online course is ideal if you:

  • Have considered, perhaps secretly, starting your own business but have often dropped the idea out of fear or because you don’t know how.
  • Know you need a career change but are not sure which direction you want to go in or what steps are needed to initiate change.
  • Have stayed in unfulfilling jobs because you believe that becoming an entrepreneur is not for you.

What you get from the course:

  • Learn to deconstruct the belief that “being an entrepreneur is not for me”.
  • Clarify what it would take to become an entrepreneur without creating a tsunami in your life.
  • Receive guidance and a clear outline with concrete tools to help you explore new ideas.
  • Dare to dream again about your next career steps and what could become possible for you.
  • Connect with a community of women who are moving in a similar direction, who you can journey with and get support from.

All of it for the incredible price of…. whatever you feel right to pay.

Read more about that further down.

The Program

Module 1: What does it really mean to be an entrepreneur and how can you become one without creating a tsunami in your life?

  • The real meaning of being an entrepreneur
  • Why creating your own business could be the next ideal step in your life
  • How to create soft and gentle change in your life

Module 2: The path to become a happy, balanced, relaxed entrepreneur.

  • Drop the belief that “it will be too hard”.
  • Learn some general principles that we tend to ignore.
  • Discover the feminine way of doing business.

Module 3: What do you want to share with the world?

  • Tapping into your desire
  • The purpose of your business
  • Listening to the guidance from your Soul

Module 4: Small steps for a long journey.

  • Assemble a tribe of loving women who support you.
  • Clarity comes from taking action.
  • Create your mini-action plan.


NEW DATES!! The course lasts for four modules from

25th of March until the 29th of April

with a time investment from your side of one to two hours a week.

How it works

Join 10-15 women from various countries to work collectively in creating a new paradigm for women’s leadership and freedom. All participants will be in similar life situations, i.e. working part- or full-time or having a career break and wanting to explore the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur and creating your own business, on your own terms.

You get

  • One 60-Minute live virtual event per week during five weeks. These interactive sessions will begin with a short overview of the topic of the week, followed by Q&A and exchange among participants. The calls will all be on Mondays at 20.00 CET. All calls will be recorded and will be downloadable for future use.
  • Audios, videos and resource exercises and reflection questions to help you deepen the topic.
  • Recommendations of books, reading material and websites.
  • A closed Facebook group for you to share with the rest of the participants and support each other.
  • One 60-Minute individual coaching session for you to share your main goals for the course and identify your main challenges.
  • An optional “Partnering System” where you partner up with another participant to support each other going through the exercises and assignments. You will get a partnering guide on how to work together with very clear practice exercises.
  • The course is in English and you can also respond to the exercises and do the coaching sessions in German, Spanish and French.

Dates: Following Mondays: 1st of April, 8th of April, 15th of April, 29th of April. Always between 20.00 and 21.00 CET.

The program is yours forever. All of the course material (audio lessons, PDFs and coaching call recordings) will be available for download and to keep to review the material later on.

Your financial investment

I offer this program under the “pay what feels right” principle.

It means you check in with your soul and arrive at a payment that feels right to you. That’s what you give me for the course.

I want to make my courses possible for all women who need them and I trust that we will find a healthy way that is fair both for you and for me.

It is also important to me that I am honest with you. I don’t want to pretend that I have no financial needs, because that’s simply not true. That’s why I do set up a small financial boundary: a minimum contribution of 30 Euro a week, which would make 120 Euro for the whole program. To go lower than that just doesn’t feel good to my own soul.

How it works

  • First, decide if you are going to join us in the course. Feel the possibilities of what this kind of support would mean to you, your soul, and your professional life.
  • Second, if you decide “Yes,” then make a second decision of how much your soul wants to give, in one or two (exceptionally it can be more) payments. Take time to both think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense into your soul what number feels right to pay for the course.
  • Register using the form provided here and mention the amount you will pay per week and if you want to pay in one or two payments.
  • You can pay any amount you wish, above the bare minimum of 30€ per week- for a total of €120.
  • VAT will be added to the total price that you choose to pay.

Some helpful guidelines:

  • 30 € a week is my baseline, minimum request.
  • 40 € a week might work well for you and be what you’re minimally able to contribute right now.
  • 60 € a week helps me get closer to a sustainable revenue point.
  • 80 € a week helps me move beyond break-even.
  • 100 € a week helps me to really sustain myself, reinvest in my business, as well as helping others become part of this course who otherwise might not be able to afford it.
  • 120 €+ a week is incredibly generous and helps me really expand my reach and the work I am doing in the world through this course and in many other ways.

It’s with great appreciation and humility that I receive what’s coming from you!

Fill in this form in order to register

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The course lasts for four weeks and the online events are on the following dates:

  • 1st of April
  • 8th of April
  • 15th of April
  • 29th of April

The calls will all be between 20.00 and 21.00 CET.

The program is yours forever. All of the course material (audio lessons, PDFs and coaching call recordings) will be available for download and to keep to review the material later on.

About Me

Like you, I am here to catalyze change in the world and in my own life.

I am an experienced businesswoman, a trained coach and a spiritual practitioner.

I spent the first 15 years of my professional life in the sector of non-profits. At first I held management positions in several international organisations, including the European Commission. Later on, the realization that those organisations were not properly managed, led me to create my own enterprise in which I provided organisational management consulting services.

Within four years, I managed to set up a company that ran well financially and provided value to clients. Unfortunately, I forgot key elements during the process: myself and my own needs. As a consequence of being overworked and putting too much effort into everything I did, I ended up having a breakdown. At that point, I decided to close down the company before causing more emotional damage to myself and my family. Then I began a new journey that led me on my personal development and spiritual path. I became a coach and discovered how to bring the power of my femininity to the business world and make better use of my female energy. I turned my life upside down and managed to create a new business that works both for me and for my clients.

I now offer my support to women by combining my solid and effective business skills, based on years of experience (I have been an independent entrepreneur for over 10 years), with my coaching and spiritual practices. Both have supported me in setting up two new enterprises that allow me to live a healthy, balanced and successful life which I certainly didn’t have before.

What my clients say about me

  • Coaching with Sonia has helped me realise that all the difficult relationships and situations in my life had something in common: me….

    A. Menzies
    A. Menzies
  • I see now how through my behaviour I created the working relationship that I didn’t want to have. 

    D. Petkeviciute
    D. Petkeviciute
  • I was able to see where in my life I am being a victim and not taking responsibility for what really matters to me. Now I don’t have more excuses... I decided to move into action. 

    M. Romig
    M. Romig
  • Sonia’s clarity and confidence has helped me a lot to find back my direction professionally. My coaching sessions with her were all intense, deep and also joyful. 

    M. Pita
    M. Pita
  • I am very moved by how connected I feel with you, as you listen, share and ask questions. This is not what I was expecting from a ‘coaching session’, but in fact it is far beyond my expectations. 

    P. Brandellero
    P. Brandellero
  • I have gotten useful insights on how to do things differently. This has had a very positive impact on me and on my team. 

    S.von Wiren
    S.von Wiren
  • The coaching sessions with Sonia helped me to clarify what I truly want in my life and to build up a base of trust which allowed me to create and achieve my goals. 

    P. Antilla
    P. Antilla
  • I was specially touched by her passion to her work and her ability to "see" through me. Highly recommended! 

    I. Pach
    I. Pach
  • You have offered a space in which I felt comfortable to show myself as I actually feel. That allowed me to gain the clarity I needed. I am deeply touched and grateful for this experience. 

    R. Boroumand
    R. Boroumand
  • I especially appreciate the care and sense of safety that is transmitted through you. 

    Y. Villar
    Y. Villar Coaching Sessio

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