Sonia Herreros coach

My Personal Journey

Interview with Sonia about her life journey

I was born in 1974 in Spain. I began my career 18 years ago working as a lawyer in Berlin, Germany. I got very quickly into the human rights and non-profit sector and eventually moved to Brussels, Belgium. My hope was to make a significant contribution in the world. Over ten years, I worked for the European Commission as well as for other large international organisations. During that time, I realized that the intentions of these organisations really inspired me but I was deeply disappointed in how they were trying to achieve them. This motivated me to move back to Berlin and create my own consulting company to support various non-profit organisations. My desire was to help them maximise their potential and achieve their goals. Over the years I worked with over 100 large international organisations including Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Oxfam and I travelled to more than 50 different countries.

Within four years, I had built up a company that was financially successful and which provided great value to clients. However, in doing so, I forgot a key component for a fulfilling career (and life) and that was myself and my own needs. As a consequence of being overworked and putting too much effort into everything I did, I experienced a breakdown. I decided to close the company to prevent even more emotional damage to myself and my family. This is when my personal development and spiritual journey began which led me to become a coach, to discover what it meant for me to be a woman and to create and do business “the feminine way”.

I now offer support to women by combining my strong business skills based on my long professional experience with my coaching and spiritual practices. This combination has supported me in creating a new business that allows me to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life. I am now happily settled in Berlin, where I live with my partner and my two teenaged children.

My Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor’s degree in Law, by the University Autonoma of Barcelona.

Master’s degree in International Law by the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Master’s degree in human rights by the Law University of Geneva.

Numerous courses by various institutions on project management, organizational development, proposal writing, moderation and leadership.

Coaching training recognized by the International Coach Federation.

Leader of women’s circles. Training by Chameli Ardagh and Awakening Women.

Practitioner of meditation and spiritual training by Thomas Hübl, Academy of Inner Science.

Mindfulness Trainer by Mindful Schools.

Training on Tantric Sexuality and Women’s Sexuality, by Michael and Diana Richardson.

6 years working for the European Commission in Brussels as lawyer and project manager.

3 years as a senior manager of two international human rights organisations in Brussels.

10 years working as an independent consultant, advisor and trainer.

4 years creating and managing my own consultancy and organisational development company in Berlin.

6 years working as a life and business coach, trainer and facilitator.

Do you know my courses?

As a woman, running your own business, in your own terms, is one of the best ways to fulfill your needs… and I can teach you how.