Get more by doing less: The Power of Feminine Leadership

Workshop exclusively for women. Brussels 9th of February, 15.00 to 18.00

  • Do you know that it is thanks to your feminine qualities that you can create more balance, simplicity and time for yourself in your life?
  • Are you aware of how much of your feminine and masculine qualities you use to lead and manage people?
  • Do you know how to benefit from your feminine qualities in your life?

An invitation:

I invite you to join my workshop and explore all of these questions with a small group of like-minded women.

Feminine leadership is all about developing qualities that are inherent to women such as being in flow, intuition, attracting things into your life, allowing things to happen (as opposed to working hard for them).

As women we need these qualities in order not only to be able to lead teams successfully, but also to experience partnerships, friendships and our role as mothers in a way that fulfils us. Yet, many professional women reject the feminine parts of themselves for fear of not being taken seriously and it is also hard for them to see the incredible value that these qualities could have in their personal life.

During the workshop I will share a bit about my own life journey and how, thanks to the development of my feminine side, I managed to move away from a life filled with stress, long working hours and the need to always push hard to get what I wanted and move into a life in which I mainly feel relaxed, joyful and satisfied.

I will support you in becoming more aware of the feminine qualities in you, in realising what they could bring into your life, and how you could develop them.

Save Me a Place

Come and join us on the 9th of February between 15.00 and 18.00 for this three-hour workshop exclusively for women.

Price: 20 Euro

There are only 25 spots available.

Venue: Bon-Jour, Rue du Sceptre 57c, 1050 Brussels

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About Me

I have nearly 20 years of professional experience and work now as a trainer and coach for women. I started my career at the European Commission and continued working for several international organisations. Later on, I ended up creating my own management consulting enterprise. There I became a professional trainer and business advisor.

Within four years, I managed to set up a company that ran well financially and provided value to clients. Unfortunately, I forgot two key elements during the process: myself and my own needs. As a consequence of being overworked and putting too much effort into everything I did, I ended up having a breakdown. At that point, I decided to close down the company. Then I began a new journey that led me on my personal development and spiritual path. I became a coach and discovered how to bring the power of my femininity to the business world and make better use of my female energy. I turned my life upside down and managed to create a new business that works both for me and for my clients.

I now offer my support to women by combining my solid and effective business skills, based on years of experience (I have been an independent entrepreneur for over 10 years), with my coaching and spiritual practices. Both have supported me in setting up two new enterprises that allow me to live a healthy, balanced and successful life which I certainly didn’t have before.


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