Feminine Leadership Program

There is a feminine way of leading, and when we women embrace it,
leadership becomes transformational, joyful and full of power.

Are you wondering where you are on the feminine/masculine energy balance scale? Or do you feel in the dark about what all this means?

Take this 5-minute quiz and find out!

The Challenge

Despite compelling evidence demonstrating that diversity in senior management increases organisational performance, the proportion of women in key leadership roles remains low in most organisations. Women face a unique set of challenges as they are promoted into senior leadership positions including limited availability of role models and a peer group that has historically been overly competitive. Female executives rarely have the opportunity to come together and share relevant experiences in a learning environment. This programme is designed to create such an environment.

Program Modules

Foundation (1 Day)

  • Feminine and Masculine leadership styles
  • Self-awareness: what type of leader are you?
  • Navigating the dilemma between being liked and being a leader
  • Discovering and appreciating the strengths of a female leader
  • Navigating subtle gender bias in the workplace
  • Working with fears that get in your way
  • Practicing pausing

Advanced (Day 2)

  • Inspiring others with a meaningful vision
  • Leveraging vulnerability as a strength
  • Developing intuitive decision-making
  • Self-care & resilience
  • Building relationships with empathy
  • Being assertive without being aggressive
  • Giving and receiving credit
  • ‘Efforting” versus flow
  • Collaborating well with others, particularly with women
  • Using your emotions to communicate with clarity and impact
  • Leading from behind: coaching others effectively
  • Work/life balance

Program Outcomes

The program is designed specifically for women and they learn:

A model of leadership aligned with women’s natural gifts & competencies

Tools to skilfully navigate the concrete challenges women face in the workplace

How to incorporate empathy and collaboration into their leadership style

Tools to integrate their masculine and feminine leadership characteristics* to create synergy and better business outcomes

*In this context “feminine” and “masculine” refer to energies and qualities, rather than associated physical or identified genders. Men and women possess a variety of traits across the gender spectrum, however each gender has its natural tendencies.

What is important to acknowledge is that feminine qualities are very different from masculine ones; no better or worse and that they complement each other.

Delivery Methods

The program consists of three modules (one foundational and two advanced), which can be run as two separate trainings or altogether as a three-day leadership program. All sessions are offered as face-to-face engagements with a professional trainer for groups of no more than 25 women working at a single company.

The program includes individual sessions with a professional coach to support participants with their ongoing personal and professional development.


Women in mid-senior management, emerging talent, or successful women looking to become inspirational ambassadors for future generations of female leaders.

We have noticed that all-women groups achieve intimacy faster and have a greater capacity for vulnerability. Our goal is to support women in building safe, supportive communities where they can receive feedback, compare notes, and emotionally support one another. Identifying common experiences increases women’s willingness to talk openly and take risks. Women only environments are especially important discussing sensitive topics such as gender bias.

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    About the Coach & Trainer

    Sonia Herrero

    Sonia Herrero

    Sonia Herrero is a Feminine Leadership expert, executive coach, trainer and speaker. She has worked extensively with international clients including Airbnb, eBay, The European Commission, Amnesty International, and the Swiss Government.

    As a certified ICF coach, she combines almost 20 years of experience in professional organisations with over five years of personal experience running her own consultancy company and working with clients around the world in English, German, French and Spanish. She has been awarded two master level degrees in International and Human Rights Law. As a facilitator and trainer, she specialises in topics of Diversity & Inclusion, Unconscious Gender Bias, and Feminine Leadership, focusing on developing female leaders and social entrepreneurs. Sonia lives in Berlin.