Subtle Gender Bias Training

Extensive research proves that most of today’s biases at work, including gender bias, tend to be subtle and unconscious rather than blatant. Unconscious bias is the result of messages (from a wide array of sources) introduced into our subconscious from an early age. Many of these prejudices unconsciously influence how we act toward one another in our organizations. That means, even if we don’t want to be sexist we may, even as women, still implicitly support sexism in an unconscious manner.

Subtle gender bias can take many forms including interruptions, stealing ideas, using double standards in performance evaluations, providing vague reasons for passing women over for promotions, and disrespecting ways of doing things that are considered as “feminine”. Since all these behaviours are subtle, women often doubt their own perceptions, so it is important for women to learn to recognize subtle discrimination and know how to deal with it effectively.

This is not to suggest that women alone are responsible for dealing with it, everyone needs to help, but it is important that women know they have effective techniques for exposing and reducing it.

The course is ideal if you are a woman who…

  • Wants to understand the invisible gender hurdles you face at work.
    Is ready to learn how yourself unconsciously contribute to those hurdles.
  • Wants to become more aware of how you are allowing others to subtly discriminate against you for being a woman.
  • Wants to learn how to deal with subtle gender-bias, expose it and offer alternative behaviours.
  • Wishes to get more clarity about her unique feminine leadership style and how she can bring it more into the work environment.

During the personalised course you will:

  • Create awareness of your own unconscious and implicit biases, particularly gender biases.
  • Learn to identify the subtle gender biases to which you are subject at work.
  • Be able to start taking measures to reduce gender biases in your working environment.
  • Learn about feminine and masculine ways of leading and working.

The Program

  • What is unconscious bias (implicit bias)?
  • The damaging effects of unconscious bias.
  • How can I become more self-aware?
  • Tools for recognizing unconscious bias.
  • Unveil the unconscious gender norms that are in operation at your work.
  • Discover the aspects that promote inclusion/diversity or constrain it.
  • How to practice inclusive behaviours.
  • Become aware of the differences between the masculine and the feminine style at work and how to best use the two.


The course can start any time you want. It lasts 6 weeks.

How it works

The course is delivered through six one-hour personal online sessions and practical exercises that the participant will need to implement between the sessions. The sessions take place fortnightly.

During the sessions we will use everyday work scenarios and specific real life situations. Through them, the participant learns to identify and deal with unconscious biases that are common at work.

We start with awareness: understand what unconscious bias is, where it comes from, and what it looks like at work.

Once awareness has been raised, we concentrate on acquiring tools and skills so she can then take action to change behaviours and interrupt unconscious biases. She will be able to name the bias and challenge its use.

Financial investment

I offer different prices depending on whether you follow the course on your personal capacity or as part of a gender-integration program from your company. Please contact me through the form below in order to receive more information about my prices.

    The Trainer

    Sonia Herrero

    Sonia Herrero

    I have nearly 20 years of professional experience and I currently work as a Feminine Leadership expert, executive coach, trainer and speaker.

    I started my career at the European Commission and continued working for several international organizations. Later on, I ended up creating my own management consulting company. There I became a professional trainer and business advisor.

    Within four years, I managed to set up a profitable company that provided value to clients. Unfortunately, I forgot two key elements in the process: myself and my own needs. As a consequence of being overworked and over stressed, I ended up having a breakdown. At that point, I decided to close down the company and began a new journey that led me on my own personal development and spiritual path.

    I became an ICF certified coach and discovered how to bring the power of femininity to the business world and make better use of my own female energy.

    I now offer my support to women by combining my business skills with my coaching and spiritual practices. This balance has allowed me to live a healthy, balanced and successful life, which I certainly didn’t have before.