The Successful Female Entrepreneur Program

Work Less, Feel Healthier, Earn More

For women who are already running their own business

It is possible to make your business succeed, on terms that allow your soul to be at peace and smile.

Here you can learn how.

From the 28th of September to the 30th of November 2020

This online program is ideal if you are a woman who…

Is just starting out. You have a real passion for what you do, but you are either overwhelmed or unclear about how to get your business going.

Has been in business for a while but it hasn’t been easy. You still have inconsistent or unsteady results, despite all the work that you put in.

Has achieved some success, but it is not sustainable. Your business takes a lot of energy and leaves you feeling drained.

Is unhappy with what you think you need to do to be successful but is unsure how to do things differently.

Is longing for more meaningful connections because you have been doing everything alone.

You will share the journey with women who have…

A desire to succeed in business because you have something important to offer the world.

An understanding that there is more to business than just tools and techniques.

A willingness to look inside yourself to uncover the deep beliefs that get in your way and to tap into the subtle intelligence of your Soul.

In this 9-week online immersion program you will:

Learn to set up a solid foundation for a successful business and a satisfying life.

Get a step-by-step guide which will help you to understand where you are at present and what your next steps need to be.

Receive personal support to gain clarity and confidence about your business.

Learn what it means to manage a business the feminine way.

Learn to use your time well, so that you work less with better results.

Build your business alongside like-minded female entrepreneurs who are standing for your dreams, as you stand for theirs.

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All of it for the incredible price of…. whatever you feel right to pay.

Read more about that further down.

The Program

Module 1
The path to create a successful business. Clear steps.

  • Learn about the stages of business: where are you in?
  • The purpose of your business
  • What do you have to give, whom do you serve & which are your products
  • Follow your inner Guidance

Module 2
The relationship with your business.

  • You are not your business
  • Structures for growing your business
  • Just tell me what to do!
  • Is this a business challenge or a personal issue?

Module 3
Managing a business “the feminine way”.

  • Your cooperative advantage as a woman
  • Drop the effort and connect to the flow
  • Align with Universal Laws
  • Follow what you enjoy

Module 4
Your inner mindset.

  • Know your inner limitations and how to resolve them
  • Welcome your business fears & the blocks that keep you from being seen
  • Tools to keep going when things don’t work…the way you want

Module 5
Soulful Marketing.

  • How to sell without selling
  • Packaging and pricing
  • Three marketing strategies
  • Be open to different sources of income

Module 6
What are you doing with your precious time?

  • Prioritizing income-producing activities
  • How to deal with tasks that you do not enjoy doing
  • The two-things-a-day principle
  • Your freedom schedule

Módule 7
Self-assessment: Where are you now and where do you want to go?

  • Self-assessment checklist for yourself and your business
  • Your “being” plan: your mindset, your inner beliefs, your needs
  • Your “business” plan: your vision, your products, your clients, your systems

Módule 8
Presenting your business and your “being”

  • Communicate your vision and products with confidence and clarity
  • Show up as the woman you really are
  • Receive loving and honest feedback that will help you grow

Módule 9

  • The secret to not burning out
  • Build a support network of entrepreneurial and loving women
  • How to receive (and ask for) support and feedback
  • Your commitments and actions for the way forward

How it works

I am here to support you to create a business that works well for you. In our online weekly calls you will receive general guidance and tools. Through the support of individual coaching and partnering, you will learn to adapt these new tools to your life situation and business in your own unique feminine way.


Nine online training calls consisting of 60 minutes each: a short presentation of the module topics followed by Q&A, and exchange among participants. All calls will be recorded and will be downloadable for future use. We will meet on Mondays from 9.00 to 10.00 CET.


Audios, videos and resource exercises, checklists, reflection questions and custom templates to help you deepen the topics of each module

One 60-minute-long coaching session to support your personal business and challenges. My intention is to keep you on track and support you to overcome your inner blocks.

I will be available to respond to your written questions, can send you additional resources in the form of books, reading material and websites as well as provide the names of experts who can help you with the specifics of your business.

A closed Facebook group for you to share with the rest of participants and support each other. The community here is truly about supporting and helping each other succeed.

An optional “Partnering System”: you may partner up with another participant and support each other with your exercises and assignments. You will get a partnering guide on how to work together with very clear practice exercises.

The program is yours forever. All of the course material (audio lessons, PDFs and coaching call recordings) will be available to download and keep to review the material later on.

Your financial investment

I offer this program under the “pay what feels right” principle.

It means you check in with your soul and arrive at a payment that feels right to you. That’s what you give me for the program.

I want to make my courses possible for all women who need them and I trust that we will find a healthy way that is fair both for you and for me.

It is also important to me that I am honest with you. I don’t want to pretend that I have no financial needs, because that’s simply not true. That’s why I do set up a small financial boundary: a minimum contribution of 25 Euro a week, which would make 225 € for the whole program. To go lower than that just doesn’t feel good to my own soul.

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    The course lasts for nine weeks with life calls on the following days:

    28th of September

    5th of October

    12th of October

    19th of October

    26th of October

    2nd of November

    9th of November

    23rd of November

    30th of November

    About Me

    Sonia Herrero

    Sonia Herrero

    Like you, I am here to catalyze change in the world and in my own life.

    I am an experienced businesswoman, a trained coach and a spiritual practitioner.

    I spent the first 15 years of my professional life in the sector of non-profits. At first I held management positions in several international organisations, including the European Commission. Later on, the realization that those organisations were not properly managed, led me to create my own enterprise in which I provided organisational management consulting services.

    Within four years, I managed to set up a company that ran well financially and provided value to clients. Unfortunately, I forgot key elements during the process: myself and my own needs. As a consequence of being overworked and putting too much effort into everything I did, I ended up having a breakdown. At that point, I decided to close down the company before causing more emotional damage to myself and my family. Then I began a new journey that led me on my personal development and spiritual path. I became a coach and discovered how to bring the power of my femininity to the business world and make better use of my female energy. I turned my life upside down and managed to create a new business that works both for me and for my clients.

    I now offer my support to women by combining my solid and effective business skills, based on years of experience (I have been an independent entrepreneur for over 10 years), with my coaching and spiritual practices. Both have supported me in setting up two new enterprises that allow me to live a healthy, balanced and successful life which I certainly didn’t have before.

    What my clients say about me

    “The course did me a lot of good. First seeing Sonia act from a place of total presence and empathy, second talking about my own problems and listening to women’s struggles and getting their feedback during the course. The definition of soulful marketing changed my perspective and lastly the coaching with Sonia did me a lot of good. I will miss our Monday group sessions.”

    Malika Vera-Sawmy

    “Sonia’s course is so filled with information, like an immense map that can help magnify every step of this journey. So many impactful exercises, so much rich wisdom, I often felt like I was getting a year’s worth of information. And indeed, I plan to go over and over the material, because like the very best courses, it speaks to where I am in the present.

    I found so much healing in Sonia’s gentle and powerful teachings. I delved into my own blocks and limiting beliefs about my worth about my value, and found that my relationship with money is intricately entangled with my ability to love myself. As a result of what I’ve learned here, I am building a life based on my honoring what is sacred to me: love and creative flow.”

    Victoria Stuart