Women in Business with Soul

As a woman, running your own business, in your own terms, is one of the

best ways to fulfill your needs… and I can teach you how.

Business with Soul is an invitation to women who long to express themselves professionally and make a significant contribution in the world. I empower your financial success while sharing with you new tools that allow you to honor your needs and joy of life — the essence of femininity that is so often abandoned when women become successful professionals.

I support women in creating their own flourishing business that attracts real clients and money while coming from a soulful place of love and care towards oneself and towards others. Your business can truly succeed, even as you find peace and joy in your soul.

And if you don’t have your own business yet (or don’t even want to have one), no worries, I am also here to support you!

I offer two online courses:

Opening a New Door: Becoming an Entrepreneur

For women who could consider becoming an entrepreneur and don’t know how

The Successful Female Entrepreneur Program: Work Less, Feel Healthier, Earn More

For women who are already running their own business

Each of them for the incredible price of …. whatever you feel right to pay.

I combine two things in my work:

  1. A solid and effective business experience: I draw on many years of experience, building and running my own successful businesses as well as working as a consultant creating organisational structures and processes for large organisations. I am a very down-to-earth, organised person and I offer concrete, step-by-step plans to make businesses work.
  1. Coaching and spiritual practices: These two practices nourish the soul and help you, as a woman, walk a path that is aligned with your deepest soul needs. A key element of genuine success, is truly enjoying your business and your life. I provide you with very precise tools to learn how to care deeply for yourself, to find a more effortless way of working and to create plenty of free time and easiness in your life.

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