The Challenge

Do you want to feel better about yourself and connect more with the pleasant, serene, fun, relaxed part of you?

Do you feel controlled by your obligations, responsibilities, and to-do lists? Do you wish you could let go? Do you know that you have innate feminine qualities that have the power to create balance, simplicity and time for yourself in your life?

Both men and women have feminine and masculine qualities, and we need both in order to maintain balance in our lives. Yet many women reject their feminine selves for fear of not being taken seriously. It is hard for many of us to see the incredible value that these feminine qualities have in our personal and professional lives. If you feel like that, know that you are not alone.


This online self-paced course is for women of all ages who want to start or deepen their sense of self and discover a new way of dealing with life’s challenges.

The content of this course comes from my own experience as a woman and that of my numerous female clients, and will help you overcome many of the intimate challenges you face in your life.

What you get

You will learn:

  • to recognize your masculine and your feminine qualities and the need for balance between the two
  • the importance of accepting your feminine side
  • how to stop fighting and pushing hard for things to happen
  • how to be softer, more relaxed and at peace with yourself and with your environment
  • the importance of taking time for yourself and how to do it


We will cover following topics:

  • Theme 1: My inner world and my emotions
  • Theme 2: The balance between feminine and masculine energies
  • Theme 3: The part of myself I don’t want to accept and how to deal with it
  • Theme 4: How to stop fighting
  • Theme 5: The woman I choose to be

How does it work?

This is an online course you can do at your own pace for a total duration of 5 weeks. After registering you will receive:

  • One email per week (a total of 5 emails) with a video or audio introduction, several small exercises and a bit of input/theory for each of the five themes covered in the course.
  • You will be able to share all your questions with Sonia on an online group and she will reply to your questions personally.
  • During the last week of the course you will receive a personal coaching session with Sonia to solidify what you have learned and discuss your personal needs and questions.
  • You will have permanent access to all documents, videos and audios from the course.
  • You get access to a community of women who have also taken the course and continue to share and support each other.

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The Trainer

I have nearly 20 years of professional experience and I currently work as a Feminine Leadership expert, executive coach, trainer and speaker.

I started my career at the European Commission and continued working for several international organizations. Later on, I ended up creating my own management consulting company. There I became a professional trainer and business advisor.

Within four years, I managed to set up a profitable company that provided value to clients. Unfortunately, I forgot two key elements in the process: myself and my own needs. As a consequence of being overworked and over stressed, I ended up having a breakdown. At that point, I decided to close down the company and began a new journey that led me on my own personal development and spiritual path.


Sonia Herrero 

I became an ICF certified coach and discovered how to bring the power of femininity to the business world and make better use of my own female energy.

I now offer my support to women by combining my business skills with my coaching and spiritual practices. This balance has allowed me to live a healthy, balanced and successful life, which I certainly didn’t have before.

What my clients say about me

  • Coaching with Sonia has helped me realise that all the difficult relationships and situations in my life had something in common: me….

    A. Menzies
    A. Menzies
  • I see now how through my behaviour I created the working relationship that I didn’t want to have. 

    D. Petkeviciute
    D. Petkeviciute
  • I was able to see where in my life I am being a victim and not taking responsibility for what really matters to me. Now I don’t have more excuses... I decided to move into action. 

    M. Romig
    M. Romig
  • Sonia’s clarity and confidence has helped me a lot to find back my direction professionally. My coaching sessions with her were all intense, deep and also joyful. 

    M. Pita
    M. Pita
  • I am very moved by how connected I feel with you, as you listen, share and ask questions. This is not what I was expecting from a ‘coaching session’, but in fact it is far beyond my expectations. 

    P. Brandellero
    P. Brandellero
  • I have gotten useful insights on how to do things differently. This has had a very positive impact on me and on my team. 

    S.von Wiren
    S.von Wiren
  • The coaching sessions with Sonia helped me to clarify what I truly want in my life and to build up a base of trust which allowed me to create and achieve my goals. 

    P. Antilla
    P. Antilla
  • I was specially touched by her passion to her work and her ability to "see" through me. Highly recommended! 

    I. Pach
    I. Pach
  • In most of the sessions, I would feel blocked at a certain point, and Sonia had the ability, patience and presence to hold the space for me to open up to my own insights and processes, which was incredibly powerful. 

    C. Stein
  • I have the impression that we are now in my team communicating with one another again and not against each other or past each other. And your contribution was enormous. Thank you very much!

     C. Taylor
    C. Taylor

Feminine / Masculine

Energy Quiz 

What is your leading energy?

Are you wondering where you are on the feminine/masculine energy balance scale? Or do you feel in the dark about what all this means?

Take this 5-minute quiz and find out!