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Learn to focus on what matters most


Sonia Herrero

Sonia Herrero

Coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to work with more meaning and passion while they protect the quality of their personal life.

Life is too short to waste on work that consumes us and leaves us with no time or energy for the things and people that really matter. I help you in setting clear boundaries and learning to respect your own needs, so you can achieve the balance between your personal and professional life that you truly desire.

I support you to be able to bring more humanity, clarity and compassion into your workday while reducing the amount of work that you bring into your personal life.


It’s for me a pleasure to accompany you in the process of working with mindfulness and lightness, learning to increase your efficiency while letting go off stress, perfectionism and the need to control.

How can I help you?

I accompany entrepreneurs who want to start or have a business and executive leaders who desire to lead, taking into account not only productivity but also engagement, personal satisfaction and care.

I support you through:


Individual coaching and mentoring sessions in English, German, French or Spanish


Individual coaching and mentoring sessions.


Providing concrete tools for you to increase your performance and self-care.


Group coaching sessions and training for teams

I share with you a very concrete way to get the job done while you grow as a person and learn to take care of yourself and your environment.

If in addition to selling more and achieving better results, you also want to feel at peace, be relaxed and respect your personal values at work, I can certainly help you.