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Sonia Herrero

Coach and Trauma Therapist

The essence of my work

It matters to me to be hable to help my clients to recognise the emotional causes behind a concrete situation before we look for solutions. Only by looking deeply, seeing the connections and understanding our patterns can sustainable and authentic change take place.

On a personal level, I am familiar with the effects of shock and developmental trauma. On my own path of healing I have found the sensitivity, compassion and clarity to support others in their development.

My working method is inspired by multiple mindfulness-based and trauma therapeutic approaches. I understand the coaching process as a conscious, ongoing “getting to know, understanding and developing” oneself.


I was born in Spain, have traveled to all continents, lived in different countries and have now been in Germany for over 15 years.

I started my career as a lawyer in 1999. After that, I worked for several years in international organizations such as the European Commission.

At the age of 38, I went through a deep existential crisis. My body didn’t want to continue as before and I was forced to take a break. Through countless therapy sessions, my training as a coach, the guidance of my spiritual teacher and finally my training as a trauma therapist, I created a new life for myself. With a new job, new marriage and numerous new relationships.
I have been working as a coach since 2018 and as a NARM therapist since 2022. Parallel to my practice, I have founded and managed two small companies in the field of organizational and personal development in recent years.


MY Studies and Qualifications

    • Parents Coach Certificate by Transparents
    • Training as a therapist in the NARM method (NeuroAffective Relational Model).
    • Mindfulness trainer by Mindful Schools.
    • Training in meditation, spirituality and trauma healing by Thomas Hübl, Academy of Inner Science.
    • Training on tantric sexuality and women’s sexuality by Michael and Diana Richardson.
    • Trainer of women’s circles, by Chameli Ardagh and her school Awakening Women.
    • Coaching training by the International Coach Federation.
    • Numerous courses by various institutions on project management, group coaching, moderation and leadership.
    • Master’s degree in human rights from the University of Geneva.
    • Master’s degree in international law from the Humboldt University of Berlin.
    • Diploma in law, Autonomous University of Barcelona.


    In my sessions with Sonia I quickly learned more than I had ever hoped for. I now have tools to help me tackle any decision in life or in business, and a deeper understanding of who I am as a person.

    Laura Garcia

    Working with Sonia helped me to get more clarity about my career goals and get the courage to move towards them. I have learned a lot about my motivation, inner narrative, what safety means for me and techniques to continuously being able to handle challenging situations moving forward.

    Alexandra Rupp

    As an entrepreneur I was close to giving up my business until I started working with Sonia. With her I figured out a way to maintain my business goals while being more caring and gentle with myself. With her I learned a healthy way to work and live a more balanced life

    Claudia Gonzalez

    Sonia’s clarity and confidence helped me enormously to find myself and my professional path again. She never gives you the answers but I have walked away from every session with a sense of clarity. My coaching sessions with her were all intense, profound and extremely helpful.

    B. Kaul

    What I appreciate about Sonia is her warm manner, with which she meets her counterpart authentically, appreciatively and at eye level. She always accompanied me patiently until I found my own solutions

    Alfred K.