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Sonia Herrero

Coach and Trauma Therapist

The essence of my work

It matters to me to be hable to help my clients to recognise the emotional causes behind a concrete situation before we look for solutions. Only by looking deeply, seeing the connections and understanding our patterns can sustainable and authentic change take place.

On a personal level, I am familiar with the effects of shock and developmental trauma. On my own path of healing I have found the sensitivity, compassion and clarity to support others in their development.

My working method is inspired by multiple mindfulness-based and trauma therapeutic approaches. I understand the coaching process as a conscious, ongoing “getting to know, understanding and developing” oneself.

Auf persönlicher Ebene bin ich mit den Auswirkungen von Schock und Entwicklungstrauma vertraut. Auf meinem eigenen Weg der Heilung habe ich die Sensibilität, das Mitgefühl und die Klarheit gefunden, um andere bei ihrer Entwicklung zu unterstützen.

Meine Arbeits-Methode ist von vielfältigen achtsamkeitsbasierte und traumatherapeutische Ansätzen inspiriert. Ich verstehe den Coaching Prozess als ein bewusstes, fortwährendes „Sich-Kennenlernen, Verstehen und Entwickeln“.


I have always been interested in what takes place behind the façade. What lies hidden and wants to be seen?
This is my path as a woman, mother, partner, friend… as a therapist.

I was born in Spain. I have travelled to all continents, lived in different countries, and have lived in Germany for over 20 years.

I started my career as a lawyer in 1999. After that, I worked for several years in international organisations such as the European Commission.

Since 2018, I have been working as a coach. In parallel to my coaching work, in recent years I have founded and managed two small businesses in the field of organisational and personal development.

Currently, I also work as a therapist.

MY Studies and Qualifications

    • Training as a therapist in the NARM method (NeuroAffective Relational Model).
    • Mindfulness trainer by Mindful Schools.
    • Training in meditation, spirituality and trauma healing by Thomas Hübl, Academy of Inner Science.
    • Training on tantric sexuality and women’s sexuality by Michael and Diana Richardson.
    • Trainer of women’s circles, by Chameli Ardagh and her school Awakening Women.
    • Coaching training by the International Coach Federation.
    • Numerous courses by various institutions on project management, group coaching, moderation and leadership.
    • Master’s degree in human rights from the University of Geneva.
    • Master’s degree in international law from the Humboldt University of Berlin.
    • Diploma in law, Autonomous University of Barcelona.


    In my sessions with Sonia I quickly learned more than I had ever hoped for. I now have tools to help me tackle any decision in life or in business, and a deeper understanding of who I am as a person.

    Laura Garcia

    Working with Sonia helped me to get more clarity about my career goals and get the courage to move towards them. I have learned a lot about my motivation, inner narrative, what safety means for me and techniques to continuously being able to handle challenging situations moving forward.

    Alexandra Rupp

    As an entrepreneur I was close to giving up my business until I started working with Sonia. With her I figured out a way to maintain my business goals while being more caring and gentle with myself. With her I learned a healthy way to work and live a more balanced life

    Claudia Gonzalez

    Sonia’s clarity and confidence helped me enormously to find myself and my professional path again. She never gives you the answers but I have walked away from every session with a sense of clarity. My coaching sessions with her were all intense, profound and extremely helpful.

    B. Kaul

    What I appreciate about Sonia is her warm manner, with which she meets her counterpart authentically, appreciatively and at eye level. She always accompanied me patiently until I found my own solutions

    Alfred K.